Security measures to pay attention to when buying a new home

When you buy a home you have tons of things to pay attention to: the rooms, the placement, the amenities, the overall flow, attractiveness and the extras which come with the house and we can go on and on. But, apart from all this, there are some key security factors which are also good to pay attention to for the sake of your home’s safety.

The neighbourhood

Is your new home located in a tight knit neighbourhood where there is voluntary neighbourhood watch and where people naturally are more attentive to the street and the properties being next or near theirs? When it’s so, it can do you a huge favor, because this means that your home will be much safer, even when you leave for holidays. Always ask from the sellers about the neighbourhood and the overall security.

Your close neighbours

Having neighbours can be tricky by all means. This is why it’s essential for you to get information about your direct neighbours before you buy a home. This concerns several security aspects from social status to overall lifestyle and how much their lifestyle are in tune with yours. It’s a good idea to always build a good relation with your neighbours whenever possible, so that you can take care of each others property too. If you see before buying your home that your neighbours home and garden looks more like a junkyard and if you hear they live quite a social life, when lots of strangers are coming and going, steer clear from buying that property no matter how attractive it would initially look.

The street

Is your street silent and has lots of houses or is it a busier street with more cars passing by? Burglars by nature prefer the more silent neighbourhoods, especially if there are lots of bushes and trees which can provide good hiding place.

The backyard

How much is your backyard protected and how is it bordered? Does it open to a garden that’s connected to the neighbours’ garden or does it end in a forest or park? You are more at risk if we talk about the latter, no matter how attractive it may look like. Call in a good Bournemouth locksmith service and make sure you build walls which are tall enough to protect you and won’t provide view into your garden and property. Ensure the locks work well in the backyard. Of course if this area is weakly protected you can get that fixed but it can be costly.

The driveway and the front area

How much visibility do you have to the front driveway area? Will you be able to clearly see cars and people passing by or pulling up to your driveway? These are very important questions when it comes to security.

The lighting

Also check the overall lighting of the outdoor area, the driveway, the garden, the backyard to ensure everything is clearly visible and noone can hide without you noticing that on time. If the property is large, it’s wise to keep some dogs for extra protection or cameras.

Don’t forget: Bournemouth locksmith services can also help you with advice on your overall security measures.


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