The best ways to protect your home during holidays

There is one key to making sure a home is best protected during holiday season: to make it look like it’s lived in or actually getting someone stay there. If you do it smart you will even be able to create some profit, while you are away. Let’s see how best to make sure your home looks lived in during holidays. And don’t forget: if your locks are outdated get them changed by a good locksmith service in Manchester.

Calling a friend over

There are friends who are willing to stay at us, while we are gone. Only make sure your friend would not make more mess than a burglar would and that your home will be in good hands with him or her. If you have someone trusted, then it is by far the best way to call them to stay over for those weeks you are not at home.

Make sure a family or friend goes over to check on everything

In case you don’t want to or don’t have the chance to call someone around to stay in your home, then ask a family member to do a check on your home every few days. This is essential because it would eliminate some of the clearest signs of a home being empty: the bins not being put out or pulled back, the post box not being emptied or if your neighbourhood is such, the milk or journals not being brought in from your doorstep or veranda, where they are left.

Couchsurf your home

There are many trusted couchsurfing sites where you can rent out your home to those who visit your city for a couple of days or weeks. Not only you can get good friends this way, you will also ensure your home will be lived in, and so the risk of burglary will be all the lower. If you are smart, you can try to couchsurf both ways, which means a home swapping projects: you move into someone’s home while they move into yours. This is actually a decent way to also make some new friends.

Airbnb your home

Do you want to earn money and do you have friend or family to care about the key and do some cleaning and tidiing? Then you should freely airbnb your home, especially if you are gone for more than 2 weeks. There is nothing easier than setting up your account, a calendar, feature good quality pics and then just wait for the bookings to arrive. The site has been created to basically do everything for you. So all you need is to lie back and wait. If you want to ensure a good booking ratio make sure you start at least 1-2 months ahead, giving people time to check your home and to start bookings.

Proper locks and using them

You do not only need a good Manchester locksmith to check through your doors and windows, but you will also need to adequately use those locks, to ensure that the risk of breaking in is eliminated.


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