Insider tips on protecting your home: coming from burglars

Have you ever been interested how your home can become a potential target for burglars and how to stop this from happening? Now, it’s the best time to read on as we are to share tips, ideas and even more insider information coming straight from seasoned burglars themselves. The tips can also be used for the time when you have to leave your home for multiple days. Don’t get in the situation to have to call a 24hr Bournemouth locksmith services, try to avoid getting burgled on the first place.

Clear your post box, pick newspapers and do your best for your home not seem empty

If burglars pick on a house, they would check it multiple times a day to see and learn about the movements and this way to make an assessment on the best times to try to get in. Movement inside the home is the first and foremost sign of someone being at home. If a house is absolutely empty and it stays so for over one or more days.

Try to close down and eliminate escape routes as much as possible

All burglars would instantly look for an escape route, which when available ensures a quick escape. If your home is near a motorway or highway you might be at extra risk as the burglars can flee very quickly.

Windows hidden from view and especially vulnerable especially if they are located lower

Change the windows or put a sticker on them which makes them hard to break in. Burglars have to get in in 1-2 minutes at a maximum time, they cannot risk keeping on trying.

Doggy doors are good news for the burglars

Even if your dog is midsized a doggy door can provide a good route for a smaller man or even a kid to get in. That’s why many burglars start young as kids, as they can push themselves through places what people wouldn’t think of.

Keep a dog

If you have a nice backyard with plenty of space, have one or two guard dogs. If you want your defence to be specifically good, then go for a German shepherd, a Doberman or a Rottweiler. These dogs are the most durable and most prone to vehemently protect properties. Burglars don’t like to deal with dogs.

Are neighbours attend in your close area?

Try to be on good terms with your neighbours. Their attentiveness can save you from burglary. Burglars often test streets to see who is looking out of the window if they are slowly going through there.

How visible is your home from the outside?

How much can a stranger see when he peeps in? This is a very important question and it can be a question of being robbed or not. Try to hide what you have and make sure your garage is closed whenever you are not around to use it.

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