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Clamping Down on Inefficiencies: Vise Top Insulators and New Construction Standards Improve Reliability and Durability for Electrical Utility Company

You hear about it every day: the grid is evolving further and faster with each passing service hour. There are new methods for setting prices, new devices for tracking peak usage. In every aspect of its operation, from the way it collects information to the way it distributes electricity, the grid is getting “smarter.” However, there are other effective ways for a utility to “get smart” about its service, on the ground and out in the field. M... [more]


FLIR thermal imaging cameras are now tools of the trade, everyday instruments for fast and cost-effective fault finding. And it is this change of emphasis that has prompted FLIR Systems to broaden the scope of its product range. The company is now applying its hallmark quality design and build to a brand new range of test and measurement tools. These are premium products with innovative features that make them stand out from the crowd. ... [more]


For anyone seeking to improve safety and reliability whilst streamlining the process of inspecting electrical systems and cutting costs, a new publication from IRISS is an essential read. Entitled ’10 Things You Need to Know About Infrared Windows’, this book has been written as a guide to the science behind the technology, its practical application and best practice in the safe and effective inspection of energized systems. This is the s... [more]

Kerite Offers Superior Wet Performance Cable to the Utility Industry

Design allows for full immersion of the cable core in water Kerite, a leading manufacturer of high quality insulated utility and industrial power cable, now offers a superior “wet design” for harsh utility operating conditions. This wet design is part of the standard Kerite utility cable construction. Utilities deal with flooded vaults, water soaked conduits and high water tables throughout the distribution system. These conditions can ... [more]

New current transformer from REO has IEC 60044-1 accuracy of 0.2%

REO’s new AC current transformer is accurate to 0.2% - meeting IEC 60044-1 requirements. Current transformers are used to isolate low voltage monitoring circuits from higher power circuits when monitoring or measurement must take place. A current transformer produces a reduced current accurately proportional to the current in the circuit, which can be connected to measuring and recording instruments. Current transformers are commonly used in ... [more]

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