Simutech Multimedia to Provide Troubleshooting Training as a Standalone Software to the Electrical Training ALLIANCE Simutech Multimedia to Provide Troubleshooting Training as a Standalone Software to the Electrical Training ALLIANCE - news feed from the Electrical News Portal

The teaching and testing of troubleshooting skills will now be available to all Electrical Training ALLIANCE training centers now that an agreement has been reached between the Electrical Training ALLIANCE and Simutech Multimedia Inc (

After more than 19 years creating simulations that bring real-electrical challenges to the computer screen, Simutech Multimedia has tailored its products to allow more flexibility when training. Whether tackling the troubleshooting challenges at the local JATC office, at home on a PC or on a laptop during downtime at work, students will be able to work through the problem-solving training and simulations while balancing the demands of work, family and travel.

“Our troubleshooting programs can be found in 11 JATC training offices throughout North America including New York, California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida, so this partnership with the Electrical Training ALLIANCE is the natural next step for our company,” stated Warren Rhude, the Founder and CEO of Simutech Multimedia Inc.

“Our methodical five-step approach to problem-solving has been shown to benefit workers even after they leave the training center and job site,” said Rhude, noting that the English-language problem-solving simulations can be found in more than 55 countries.

Adding to the Electrical Training ALLIANCE’s growing library of interactive courses and responding to requests for safe and flexible learning solutions, Simutech Multimedia’s troubleshooting training programs will now be available to teach and challenge all levels of electrical professionals ranging from the newest apprentice to the most experienced Journey-level worker. The six troubleshooting simulation programs include troubleshooting for electrical circuits, control circuits, motor circuits, PLCs and two industrial control products.

All the programs are supported by the Simutech Course Manager, a unique tracking system that allows instructors to track student progress in real-time and create custom faults to identify skills that students need to improve on before testing and graduating successful students.

“Given the dangerous work that electrical workers face, these immersive and interactive learning tools and simulations are really important teaching tools for us,” stated Marty Riesberg, the Director of Curriculum Development for Electrical Training ALLIANCE.

Tom Bedwell, the Assistant Training Director for the Tampa Area Electrical JATC, has seen many benefits for the students and staff using the Simutech troubleshooting simulations. For Journeymen, who love being challenged by an educational program, they are able to work from home instead of making the long commute to the Tampa training center, saving gas and reducing wear and tear on their vehicles.

Bedwell noted that the instructors enjoy being able to simply create custom tests using the Simutech Course Manager that offers many more fault options than can be created using lab hardware. Bedwell added that apprentices must successfully complete the troubleshooting simulations to advance into the motors lab.

“We produce the most highly qualified, highly productive electrical worker out there so we have to teach troubleshooting skills. And Simutech helps us do that by teaching a systematic way of thinking that can be applied to many different things beyond electrical troubleshooting,” said Bedwell.


Simutech Multimedia Inc. is a leading developer of simulation-based electrical troubleshooting training software. We help teach and refine the skills of electrical troubleshooting in a safe and cost-effective way.

With six distinct software products that challenge veteran electricians as well as new maintenance pros, our mission since 1995 is to help improve the skills of personnel in the electrical industry by developing the most effective and highest quality electrical training software.

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The Electrical Training ALLIANCE (previously called NJATC) was created over 70 years ago as a joint training program between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) aimed at training the best electrical workers the industry has to offer. Today, the Electrical Training ALLIANCE has developed into the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind, having trained over 350,000 apprentices to journeyman status through local affiliate programs.

For more information contact: (Customer Service, 1.800.652.4007)

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