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T LED Tube T&M Catalogue T120-H5-1AC Kit T140 Voltage and Continuity Tester T200 IDENT PRINTER T2000 250kVA UPS T5 and LED lighting T5 fluorescent and LED technology T5 Seamless HE T5-600 Electrical Tester T5-600/62/1AC Kit T5-62/322/1AC Kit T6 Compact+ UPS T7 UPS T8 and T12 type Fluorescent Lamps T8 and T5 Lumilux T8 LED Tube Light T8 LED Tube Light Series T8 LED tubes T8 Substitube Tackling Energy event Talexx Crystal LED module chain TALEXXengine TALEXXengine STARK LLE compact linear LED modules Talisman LED Luminaires Tall Stick Table Lamp Tamura S23P Series features Tapcon self-tapping screw Tardis CPN slimline consumer unit T-Bus TBX meter TDK Lambda Alpha 1000 Series TDK Lambda NV175 TDK Lambda NVM175 TDK Lambda ZWS BP TeBar Technical Electronic Workstation Technology technology powers wireless communications Technoplastic Tedom Micro T30 Telea Telensa Tenon Pull Saw TERA cabling system TERMSERIES Terry Hilder Test and Measurement range Test of Electrical Equipment Test Pen Checker Test Tools TestGuide Testing and Inspection Services Testing of Electrical Equipment Tesys U DOL starter TeSys U starter Text to Win Thalassa GRP enclosures Thalassa industrial boxes The Control Techniques Drives and Control Handbook The Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act The Learning Curve The Orb lamp the plant controller The Primacy The SCM 22 A Thermal imager Thermal Imager Kit Thermal Imagers thermal imaging Thermal Imaging Challenge game Thermal Imaging InfoPack Thermal Imaging Training Seminars Thermal imaging webinar thermal imaging windows thermal solutions thermal solutions and resistors Thermal surveys Thermascan Thermography Care Plans Thermography Principles Thermography training thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated (THHN) cable jacketed with a self-lubricating polymer THHN striped circuit wire Thorn Lighting three phase UPS Three-phase distribution boards Ti10 Thermal Imager Ti10, Ti25, TiR and TiR1 thermal imagers Ti125 Ti20 Infrared Thermal Imager Ti20 thermal imager Ti200 Ti25 Ti25 and Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imagers Ti25 Thermal Imager Ti25 Ti10 TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imager Ti25 TiR and TiR1 Thermal imagers Ti32 Ti55 IR FlexCam Thermal Imager Ti9 Electrical Thermal Imager Ti9 Thermal Imager Timecode Buddy Wi Fi master Tiny-LX Tinytag data loggers TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads TL3240 Series and TL3210 Series illuminated tact switches TM1700 Toolbag Topaz DC powered LED desk lamp TOPLED Black Series Torch wall light Total Server Room Solution Toughbook CF-U1 TPA test adaptor TPAK TPOLEKIT TPT210 voltage tester TPT220 two-pole voltage tester track it Train to Gain training Training Centre & College Campaign Trajexia Motion Control Platform transformer Transit Connect transmission and regulation Transparent Building Integrated System Transparent Solar Films Tratos Microcable Tratos Rolling Stock Tratoswind cables Traxon Board RGB Tridonic DALI Triline-R enclosure Trinergy Trinergy UPS Troubleshooting Industrial Controls Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 Troubleshooting Skills Series V4 software Troubleshooting Training Simulations True Sequential Footag True Sequential Footage trust account solution Trusted Wireless Tufflite TFC Tufflite TFW TULIP.MGX TX Connect Type C 34 earthing cable Type PF conduit system Type SP

Latest electrical product news

Terry Hilder: Money-saving Fluke Installation Tester kits

Fluke, the world leader in compact professional test tools, is offering three money-saving 1652/3/4-TPOLEKIT installation tester kits in a promotion until 31st May 2015. The kits combine either a Fluke 1652C Installation Tester with a Fluke T110 two-pole tester, or a Fluke 1653B plus software plus a Fluke T130 two-pole tester, or a Fluke 1654B Installation Tester plus software plus a Fluke T150 two-pole tester. The Fluke 1652C is the ideal tester for all domestic applications, covering all t... [more]

thermal imaging windows: IRISS appoints Italian distributor Giakova srl

For the Italian company, Giakova srl, the addition of IRISS thermal imaging windows and other electrical maintenance safety devices (EMSD) to its product range was a logical development. It specialises in the supply of test and measurement instruments and is particularly active in thermography. Indeed, the company represents the interests of most of the leading names in this field in Italy. Based in Milan, Giakova has a high-level sales network that covers the entire country, a resourceful ... [more]

Thermal Imager Kit: New Fluke Thermal Imager Connect™ System Kits include a free Current Clamp Kit

Fluke has introduced new Thermal Imager Connect System kits featuring thermal imagers that utilise the new Fluke Connect™ system, enabling the transfer of measurement data from the test tools to smart phones and the cloud, and thus improving maintenance team communication, safety and productivity. For orders up to 30th June 2015, each kit contains a Fluke Thermal Imager which comes with a free Fluke Connect DMM a3001FC iFlex® IC Current Clamp Kit, (containing a Fluke 3000FC Series Wireless Digit... [more]

Troubleshooting Training Simulations: Simutech Multimedia to Provide Troubleshooting Training as a Standalone Software to the Electrical Training ALLIANCE

The teaching and testing of troubleshooting skills will now be available to all Electrical Training ALLIANCE training centers now that an agreement has been reached between the Electrical Training ALLIANCE and Simutech Multimedia Inc ( After more than 19 years creating simulations that bring real-electrical challenges to the computer screen, Simutech Multimedia has tailored its products to allow more flexibility when training. Whether tackling the troubleshooti... [more]


FLIR thermal imaging cameras are now tools of the trade, everyday instruments for fast and cost-effective fault finding. And it is this change of emphasis that has prompted FLIR Systems to broaden the scope of its product range. The company is now applying its hallmark quality design and build to a brand new range of test and measurement tools. These are premium products with innovative features that make them stand out from the crowd. Initially six FLIR branded products are being in... [more]

thermal imager: Fluke Thermography Seminars programme for 2014

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering a series of free Thermography Seminars as part of its programme of seminars for 2014 throughout the UK and Ireland. Designed to look at the benefits of thermal imaging techniques to improve maintenance practices, the seminars are one element of the Fluke Academy programme. The seminars covering Thermography are designed to highlight how thermal imaging can be used to identify the presence of faults in... [more]

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