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S1 insulation testers S-5716 Hall-IC Series in CMOS technology SAFE Contractor accreditation Safe Edge exit sign SAFEcontractor SafeEthernet SafeSite SafeSite Bulkhead LED fitting safety Safety Integrity Level Saffire 0HLS Zero Halogen Low Smoke Saffire cable Salamandre cable management system Salamandre trunking Saleni Saletto range samos NET samos PRO Samsung LED Smart TV SB13 Safebreak Socket Test Adapter Schneider Electric Sci-Light ScopeMeter Score more with Newlec promotion Score Stove Scorpion Powerhouse Generator Screenflex 1 electrical conduit Screenforce ScreenHeat external door hot air unit SCT structured cabling tester SCTree SD card Seaward Power Clamp Seaward Solar Installation PV100 security market for electrical contractors Security Solutions catalogue securityProbe Sedna Lighting SEE Electrical SEE Electrical CAD software SEE Electrical Harness CAD package SEE Electrical Harness PLM S-elect Selectronic thermostatically controlled instantaneous electric showers semiconductor semiconductor solutions Seminar programme Semi-split set collar clamping assemblies sensor sensors and relays Sepam digital protection relay Sepam electronic protection relay Serenga Serenga LED emergency lighting Series 04 Emergency-stop Series 56 Multi-Tone Sound Module MTSM Series 61 Emergency-stop Series G MCCB Series G moulded-case circuit-breakers SERNET server room Service Plus SeR-VO autotransformer Shatterproof Fluorescent Lamps Shock absorbing tile Si RCCB Si Residual current circuit breaker RCCB SiC MOSFET power devices Siemens Subsea Siemens UK SIL SIL3 SAFESERIES Safety Relays Silicondash Silver 420M IR camera Silverline Simplified software for risk assessment for structures SIRAC Single Phase Electronic Sectionalizer SIPOS 5 Actuators SIPOS 5 Flash actuators SIPOS Aktorik SIPOS Aktorik’s electric actuators SkillELECTRIC SkillELECTRIC competition Slim Line PSU Slimline architrave lighting control panel Slimline kitchen and bathroom fans Slimline wiring accessories SLiPWire SLiPWire XHHW SLiPWire® Sloy 132 kV substation small cell Smart Binning Smart CCTV security systems Smart Electricity Systems Conference Smart Grid Smart metering Smart meters SMART NEW WORLD Smartboards Smart-Fix+ SmartSite SmartSTOR SmartView software SmartWhite SmartWire DT SmartWire-DT master SmartWire-DT system Smile Tina Eden SMP MAX series SMRT 36 smart protective relay test SMRT1 smart protective relay test SMU-1 Metrostroy Snap-N-Light SNS 4074K software SOL30-Safety SOLA AU-IC60 Sola downlight SOLA downlighter SOLA Universal SOLAi9 solar solar cells and modules Solar Collectors Solar Future UK conference Solar Inverters solar led lights Solar LED Street Lighting Solar panel solar panel installation solar photovoltaic solar photovoltaic installer solar photovoltaic system solar power test kits Solar PV solar PV electrical installation test kit solar PV tariffs Solar SPEC Pak Solar thermal Solar Tree solar wind free falling water solid state relays and contactors SolidWorks Electrical applications Solitaire key pad SOLORAIL and DUORAIL Spacer Cable systems Spacial 3D sheet-steel enclosures Spacial 6000 modular enclosure systems Spacial floor-standing enclosures Sparsam globe SPEC Pak SPEC Pak series special built control panel housed in a super-silent acoustic and weatherproof canopy Spectra beacons Speedflex Speedfoam SpeedTrack Spelsberg TK enclosure SpiderCloud Wireless Spike LED light column Spike Lights Spiral energy saving lamp Spring XP and GSM top hat meter SRH MMF SRH SMF SST communication modules SST IP67 PB3 Remote Module stainless steel enclosures Standard Assessment Procedure SAP standard electric actuators standard LED light engines Standby Generator standby generator service standby generators Standby Shutdown STATCOMS Static Compensators Static Transfer Switches STS Static Var Compensator SVC Static Var Compensators SVC Stela LED Stela LED luminaire Stela LED street light Stela LED street lights Sterling Perimeter Trunking Systems STM 300 Storm LED lighting Street lighting software street lights STREETlight STREETlight Advanced STREETlight Protect String lighting SU13P sub megawatt DFC250 EU SunBat Superconducting Fault Current Limiter SCFCL Superlite 100 Supernova dual voltage PAT tester Superscreen Super-Technopolymer Sure-Wave hands-free switches Surgetrab surge protection device sustainability SVC Static VAr Compensator Swiftclip Swifts cable ladder and tray Swifts cable tray Swifts cable tray and ladder Swifts SW steel wire cable tray Swifts Universal Bracket switch disconnector switch disconnector product switch mode power supply switchboard Switched on Schools switches switchgear SwitchGrip switching SWL3300FR Symmetra PX 96kW UPS symmetrical adapters Symphony II Power Management System Synergy Traditional Synergy wiring accessories Synergy wiring device Synthesis suspended fluorescent luminaire System 800xA control installation SystemSupport

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Legrand, a world leading manufacturer of cable management systems, has launched a new innovative cable management component, developed to offer a fast fit alternative to the traditional nut and bolt. The new Swiftclip, which forms part of the UK’s market leading Swifts cable tray range, has been designed with speed in mind. Requiring no tools during installation, the Swiftclip not only significantly reduces the number of components required, but also ensures installation times of at least fou... [more]

Sedna Lighting: Sedna Lighting Launch in French market

The lights are ‘switching on’ all over Europe as Sedna Lighting expands its business into the French market, following the success of products such as the TITAN™ Heavy Duty Flood and IP65 Vapour-proof fitting. Following increased exports to France and an increase in demand for LED lighting in the country (which is now the third largest importer of LED in the world) Sedna have decided to seize the opportunity and expand operations with a base in Paris, with a network of distributors now being ... [more]

Super-Technopolymer: Whitepaper from Elesa UK on the use of Super-Technopolymer as a substitute for metal/stainless steel in standard machine components

Elesa have extensive experience in the development and use of advanced engineering plastics as alternatives to traditional metal standard components for machinery and industrial/scientific equipment. In this whitepaper Elesa UK M.D. Nigel Pritchett describes the new Super-Technopolymers used as alternatives to metal – even stainless steel – bringing with them many advantages. Comparison is made between Super-Technopolymer vs. current Technopolymer and between Super-Technopolymer vs. metal all... [more]

SIPOS Aktorik: SIPOS Aids Sewage Control at Sydney STP

An actuator and gearbox combination from SIPOS Aktorik is aiding sewage flow control at Brooklyn STP in Sydney, Australia. The order is the latest in a series of Sydney Water contracts gained by Barron GJM, SIPOS’ agent for the region. Installed on a plant inlet valve, the actuation technology helps maintain water quality for the local population including Sydney’s central business district, which is situated approximately 50 kilometers south of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The plant inl... [more]

SMU-1 Metrostroy: AtomSvet goes underground

In 2013 the Russian manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures AtomSvet LLC successfully completed a large-scale project of complete lighting modernization on SMU-1 Metrostroy working site (a part of Metrostroy group of companies). AtomSvet specialists have installed more than 400 AtomSvet® Plant LV LED luminaries on the construction site of the branch leading to Lublinsko-Dmitrovskoye depot. Complete modernization involved the replacement of existing lighting system based on LON-95 incandescent bulb... [more]

ScopeMeter: New Fluke handheld oscilloscope offers 4 channels and a 500MHz bandwidth

Fluke has introduced a new 500MHz bandwidth, 4-channel, handheld oscilloscope - the first instrument with these capabilities on the market. Targeted at industrial electronics maintenance engineers, electronic field service engineers and other professional engineers and technicians in the field, the rugged Fluke 190-504 Series II ScopeMeter® offers 4 isolated input channels which give the option to simultaneously measure voltages and current independent of the reference potential in harsh industr... [more]

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