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P100 Dimmer P100 scene dimmer P1V-A and P1V-B air motors P400 digital scene dimmer P400 Dimmer P50 level dimmer P800 Dimmer Pacemaker high-bay luminaire Panasonic 55 Panel Building & Components Panel Design Configurator PDC software Panel indicator PanelPilot PAR 64 can light PAR30 lamp PARATHOM PARATHOM Classic A 40 Parker SSD drive Part C Air Leakage BS 5250 Part L of the Building Regulations Part M of the Building Regulations Part P Part P Competent Person Schemes Part P Competent Persons Scheme Part P job notification Part P of the 16th Edition of the Wiring Regulations Part P of the Building Regulations Part P qualification Part P scheme Partnership Borri Ltd and Turner Engine Powered Services Ltd Parts L & F of the Buildings Regulations Paslode Impulse cordless nailers PASS MO switchgear PassivEnergy PAT 600 Tester Kit1 PAT Tester PAT Testers PAT Testing PAT Testing Code PAT320 Business in a Box PAT320 tester PAT4 tester PAT410 PAT420 PAT450 PATBag test-kit Patch Panels PATGuard Elements Patriot 2 luminaire PAYE PC Power Down Network PCIS Outdoor FOX B011 and PCIS Outdoor DIM B011 ballasts PCLM earth monitoring PD Cable Monitor PD112 diffuse photoelectric sensor PDRC 380 Digital RCD Tester pDRIVE high-power variable speed drives Pego pendulum wall and bollard luminaire PEL Services Pensions Regulator Performer Plus transformer Performer transformer Periodic Inspection Reporting PIR Perla wall mounted monitor and handset with intercom Permanent magnet stepper motor permanent magnet synchronous generator PFL20 tester PFL22M1500 cable fault location system PFL40 tester PFS Switching Relay Controller PFX PFX Dimmer PFX scene dimmer PFX System PFX System dimmer PH 3/2 pendant lamp PH 3/2 table lamp PH 5 pendant PH 50 pendant Phaseo Optimum Phaseo Universal PHEASANT LIGHT Philipp Selva Home Philips LivingColors Philips Penlight Phoenix fire proof cable Phoenix fire rated cleat phoenixpower photovoltaic Photovoltaic industry Pianoplan Piazza II exterior wall light PICOe-GM45A PI-EX-NAM/RNO-NE piezo actuator Pila hydro scheme installation Pilot Core Loop Monitor PCLM modular range PipeDart Duct Rod PIR sensor PirOLED PISA protection module Pisi floor lamp Plane LED luminaires Planet 60 Plasmatails plastic bearings Platinum infrared windows Platinum inspection window PLEC-035S035DT Plexo3 IP65 enclosure PlugGrip Plug-on Distribution board Plumen 001 Pluto Safety PLC PMG17 vibration energy harvesting device pneumatic and electrical automation pocket wiring manual PocketProjector podis LED podis power bus PoE infrared Illuminator Polarity Test Pen Pollux LED Panel Light Series Pollux series LED panel lights Polyketone PopPack Pro Portable Appliance Testing Portable Appliance Testing PAT Power Power 101 power adapters power cable fault location power cables Power conditioning equipment power delivery industry power distribution products power engineering sector Power factor corrector power generation power generation systems Power Instruments Power LED PLEC-120SxxxDT driver family Power Log software power management power management software Power Monitor Sensor Power Protection Guide Power purchase agreement (PPA) Power Quality DVD power quality meters Power quality webinar power sector in Cologne Power Skills Centre Power Skills one-day course power supplies power supply Power Supply Glossary App power supply products power supply technology Power Tower Power transformers POWERBALL POWERBALL HCI-T lamp POWERBALL HCI-TF 15W POWERBALL HCI-TM lamps PowerBox powercall Powercall standby generator service PowerChain Management PowerDB PowerEx connectors PowerEYE 500 remote energy monitor POWER-GEN Europe 2012 POWER-GEN Middle East Powerhouse DD172 diesel generator Powerlectrik Screwless Powerlectrik Softedge+ PowerLens PowerLogic EGX100 PowerLogic EGX400 Ethernet Gateway PowerLogic energy metering system PowerLogic power monitoring panel mounted instrumentation PowerMeter PowerPact 4 panelboard PowerPAT Plus management software PowerPlus 1557 PowerPlus 1557 electrical installation tester PowerPlus 1557 installation tester PowerPlus 1557 multi-function electrical installation tester PowerPlus 1557 multifunction tester PowerPlus 1557 tester PowerPlus PC PowerPlus PC V2 PowerPro EL range of inverters Powersafe PowerShield PowerShield software PowerShield³ PowerSoft Software Powertrack POWERTRONIC 3DIM POWERTRONIC PTi POWERTRONIC PTi 35 S MINI POWERTRONIC PTo DALI 70 DIM POWERTRONIC PTU PowerView PowerWAVE 5000 PowerWAVE 6000 PowerWAVE 8000DPA PowerWAVE 9000DPA PowerWAVE UPS PowerXL variable frequency PPS-22 PQF active filter PQFS Pragma enclosures PRD drawout surge arrester Precision 2.4mm Compression Mount Test Connectors Premier Centrifugal Premium LED lamp Premium Pro Prestige 3D Prestige Plus PrevaLED PRF1 master surge arrester Price increases Prima spot light Primata II pre-wired trunking system Primata pre-wired trunking system PrimeTest 250 PrimeTest 350 PAT tester Printed Electronics USA Prisma+ cabinet PRO 600 Pro Evolution II ProDesign software Product Lifecycle Management PLM Prof Cut Dry Wall Saw ProfCut PROFIBUS Profibus communication module Profibus network Profibus PA Profile electric panel heater PROFINET technologies Proline PE towel rails Proline PW towel rails propacPRO case Protect 8 UPS Protecta mains distribution board protection of a cable installations Protector electrical enclosure Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations PUWER Prysmian FP Plus cable Prysmian s FP200 Gold Prysmian’s FP Plus TM Prysmians FP200 Gold PS236 P-Series and Hx dimmer P-Series Dimmers PSI4000 PSI410 phase sequence indicator PSI-REP repeater PSR safety relay PSR softstarter PSX PULS YD25 241 Pulsa 700E nailing system Pulse Start metal halide lamp pushbutton actuators PV inverters PV150 PVC conduit PVC conduit and trunking installation

Latest electrical product news

Platinum infrared windows: See IRISS at Maintec 2015 on stand number: M14G

MAINTEC 2015 -- 24th – 26th March 2015, NEC IRISS stand number M14G The IRISS stand at this year’s Maintec not only emphasises the growing importance of thermal imaging windows in modern maintenance but also introduces an important partnership to UK industry. This is the first show which combines the talents of IRISS and ERIKS, the company’s distribution partner in the UK. ERIKS is known for its holistic approach to automation, repair and maintenance which is why it is just a good fit fo... [more]


Anderson Power Products®, a leader in high power interconnect solutions, announces a new addition to the SB® connector family with the release of their new 2 pole SB® 2/0 connector. APP® continues to search for ways to offer system designers increased power connections in compact formats. The SB® 2/0 offers larger wire capability and increased current carrying capability over the similar sized SB® 175 connector. The proven SB® connector family is based on the original “Storage Battery” connec... [more]

power: The new version of the energy harvesting wireless specification now includes over 100 product profiles for building and industrial automation and smart home systems

The EnOcean Alliance is advancing the interoperability between EnOcean-based products from different OEMs by developing the EEP 2.5 version of the "EnOcean Equipment Profiles" (EEP). More than 100 product profiles are now available, for developing different energy harvesting wireless solutions for building and industrial automation and smart home systems. New profile families now summarise several applications and facilitate the creation and release of a new profile by Alliance members. With... [more]

power: AUMA actuators - Power-Gen Europe 2013

As AUMA prepares for its 50th year celebrations in 2014, expertise developed over the last five decades supplying electric actuators to the power industry will be confirmed at Power-Gen Europe. Products displayed will include part and multi-turn actuators, gearboxes and controls. A key exhibit will be AUMA’s new SQ .2 part-turn actuator - designed for butterfly and ball valve automation, the product replaces the company’s established SG .1 range: enhancements include a significantly increased... [more]

power: Smart-battery manufacturer to showcase at Med-Tech

Accutronics, the Midlands-based battery specialist will showcase leading-edge battery and charger products at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013 to be held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK on April 10-11, 2013. The company’s star exhibit on Stand 13 will be the recently launched Intelligent Power Vault Lithium-Ion multi-battery power system for medical applications. Intelligent Power Vault (IPV) is a battery system that powers medical devices when high energy density, reliability and functionality... [more]

Pila hydro scheme installation: SIPOS Aktorik Pila hydro scheme installation

The challenges presented for automation of water level management on the Gwda river in Poland were considerable. Requirements to ensure precise control included an extremely long actuator run time of over half an hour at 160rpm and 7,000 revolutions per stroke. The demands were met by non-intrusive, encoder version actuator devices supplied by SIPOS Aktorik. With established credentials for providing high performance solutions, SIPOS impressed the scheme’s operators with the capabilities of i... [more]

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