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C52 COB LED Series from Everlight Electronics cabinet lighting systems for jewelers cable Cable cleat cable cleats Cable Detector cable entry plates cable glands cable installation cable management cable protection cable route under the Manchester Ship Canal between Carrington and Irlam cable saddles Cable test cable tray cable turnkey services cable unrolling and rolling system CableCURE cable life-extension technology Cableline Envoy Cableline Ultra 60 dado perimeter trunking cables Cablestik portable cable management Cabling Cablofil Cabsys GRP cable tray CAD environments CAFC hood Cafe Pendant Light CalCard calibrated Forward Spectral Flux Lamp Standards Calibration Check Box Calor Gas cameras Campaign for Dark Skies CfDS CAN4000-8 CAN4000-8S Canalis Candle low-energy light bulbs CAP-4-US Capella LED Down Light Series Capella Series CAP-ENV infrared windows capitalisation Capitole 20 Capitole 40 CAR rod controls Carbodeon nanodiamonds carbon reduction CAS-36 switchgear Castor Series Catalogue CB1 Contractor floorbox CBGS-0 switchgear C-Bus C-Bus lighting controls C-Bus standard and wireless lighting system C-Bus system C-Bus Technical Selection Guide CCTV lighting webinar CeaGuard CG48 central battery Cee Range Centaur Centaur cable saddle Centaur cable saddles Centaur cleats Centaur heavy-duty saddle cleats CentraLine ceramic lamps and finely sculpted metal lights Ceramos MultiLED Cerro Wire LLC at Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO Certified Electrical Technologies Cesar wall-mounted cylindrical floodlights CEWE Prometer R class 0.2s meter CFLi Energetic lamp CFSW IP67 hinge with safety switch CGES sensors Chalmor accredited supplier with The Carbon Trust Chalon Scroll Wall Light Chamber Awards Champs Elysees illuminations Tree Rings Chip-Lok Jr Chloride 80-NET UPS Chloride 90-NET UPS Chloride MP-NET Chloride Trinergy CHP circuit Circuit breakers circuit breakers and motor control centers circuit protection ranges Citizen Citizen CL-L251 LED Citizen LED light engine City & Guilds 2381 City & Guilds courses Civic street lighting lantern CL-824 Clamp Meters Clamplight MINI Class 1 Div 2 atmospheres Class 9000 actuation devices Classic low-energy light bulbs Classic Plus llighting control panel Clealight EcoSpot Clear Skies List Clearlight Clearlight Beacon Clearlight EcoSpot Clearlight LED lamps Clearway LED signs Climate Change Bill Climate Change White Paper Clip Elec ClirVu CL-L233 CL-L233 LEDs CLT latch handle Clusterlite CM11 CM15Pro home automation CO alarm CO2 emissions CO2 emissions reduction CoDeSys COINlight-OSTAR Cold Cathode lighting Cold Temperature Compatible LED Lighting Colorbeam Colour Temperature Adjusted CTA Bulb Combiform Plus Combiform Plus recessed modular luminaire Comfort iPhone app ComfortTouch Commander SK AC drives Compact fluorescent lamp CFL Compact Fluorescent Light CFL Compact fluorescent lights CFL compact PLC Compact Surge Protector Company of the Year award CompoData components and systems for electrical engineering CompoNet Concavia Concealed Fix Concealed Surge Protector Concentrating Solar Power Concept 58 interior lighting Concept BS Concept BS switches CONCERTO project Concido downlighter Concido pendant lighting conduit solutions Connect Connect wiring devices Connect420 3D HDMI Switcher Connecta modular wiring system Connected Equipment Warranty ConnectLED connector connectors Consert Inc Constant Light consumer electronics Consumer energy display contract lighting ControlEx and InstrumEx connectors Converta Socket Range converter Conxento surface mounted downlighter COPA DATA COPA wiring accessories Copper Clad Aluminium cable copper electrical building wire copper electrical building wire and cable copper structured cabling Core Bollard Core Collection CosmoPolis cost-effective electric toothed belt axis COVE Centre of Vocational Excellence accreditation CP F1L and CP F2L Li ion polymer USB chargers CP4 Clamp Meter CP4 Series cold plate CPD courses CPN CPT Quantometers CPU solutions CPX-CEC CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Creda Credanet Credanet II CRF Series relays crimped wire end ferrule Cristillo bathroom range Cromatix Crompton Cercla Crompton Modulay recessed luminaires Crompton Synthesis suspended fluorescent luminaire Crompton Synthesis suspended lighting system Crompton Varsity surface fluorescent luminaires Cruz bollard CrystalCool lamps CTD-5S CTD-6S Cudis Custom LED lighting custom LED optics CustomVent cylinder Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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Infrared windows that are designed to withstand the rigours of the industrial environment and maintain accuracy are the products for which IRISS is already world-renowned. With its latest introduction, however, the company has set the bar even higher in terms of product durability. The new IRISS CAP-ENV is unequivocally the toughest and most reliable infrared window available and suitable for thermal inspection of energised equipment in the visual, UV and all three infrared wavelengths. Wha... [more]

Connectors: TE Connectivity Launches New Industrial Connectors that Combine Reliability and Cost Savings with Durability

-- New Range of Easy-To-Install Industry Standard Connectors Equipped with Robust Termination Technology Allows Timesaving and Flexible Field Installation – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, has launched a range of ruggedized Industrial RJ45 connectors for industrial use. The new products include an industrial RJ45 Push-Pull Variant 14 connector with a plastic shell, and an industrial RJ45/Fiber Optic Push-Pull Variant 14 with a metal shell. Both connectors are designe... [more]

Carbodeon nanodiamonds : Carbodeon enables 20 percent increase in polymer thermal filler conductivity with 0.03 wt.% nanodiamond additive at a lower cost than with traditional fillers

Improved materials and processes enable nanodiamond cost reductions of up to 70 percent for electronics and LED applications Carbodeon, a Finnish-based producer of functionalised nanodiamond materials, can now achieve a 20 percent increase in polymer thermal performance by using as little as 0.03 wt.% nanodiamond material at 45 percent thermal filler loading, enabling increased performance at a lower cost than with traditional fillers. Last October, Carbodeon published its data on therm... [more]


More than 70,000 people involved in the specification of health and safety products for manufacturing facilities of all sizes were asked to vote for their top safety products. The poll was conducted by US industrial magazine, ISHN, which provides a combination of product news and detailed insight into new health and safety regulations. The winners have now been announced and IRISS is delighted to confirm that its CAP-4-US was judged to be the best arc flash protection product in these hotly-... [more]

Connect: New Fluke Connect™ system transfers measurement data from test tools to smart phones and the cloud

The largest system of connected test tools in the world The new Fluke Connect™ system allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from Fluke test tools to their smart phone for secure storage on the cloud, thus enabling access by any team member in the field. The Fluke Connect app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. More than twenty Fluke tools connect wirelessly with the Connect app, including digital multimeters, thermal imag... [more]


Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique LED optic as part of the development and volume manufacture of your complete LED lighting solution, with Forge Europa. Forge Europa can generate your target light distribution specification, provide optic simulation and deliver production quality optic prototypes to validate your design before committing to tooling. The custom LED optic capability is available to Forge Europa’s customers as part of their A-LED service: Forge Europa will... [more]

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