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Zenaro Lighting, Inc.: ZENARO T8 PREMIUM Series: LED Retrofit Made in Europe

High quality, low power T8 light tube with excellent CRI for interior lighting applications in damp, wet and dusty industrial and commercial environments LCC GmbH, Karlsruhe/Germany, introduces a new ZENARO series of T8 LED tubes. The ZENARO T8 PREMIUM Series – including its EU-designed power supply - is manufactured in Europe. The low power consumption of 8 to 23 Watts that also translates favourably into lower generation of heat and the outstanding quality of each component used increas... [more]

Zenaro Lighting, Inc.: Modular LED light engine system VARIO by ZENARO for customer configured industrial and outdoor lights

The VARIO system combines multiple optics, wattages and light heads to customized LED luminaires LCC GmbH presents VARIO by ZENARO, a new series of industrial and outdoor LED luminaires based on a modular light engine design. Up to seven VARIO light engines in 14 wattages can be assembled to packages with outputs from 20W to 250W. Moreover, the VARIO basic module is available in six different optics. According to the customer’s specifications in terms of performance and light distribution,... [more]

Zenaro Lighting: Flexible LED-stripe DECOFLEX by Zenaro Lighting

Zenaro Lighting extends itt range of LED lifestyle lighting solutions by offering a new linear flexible LED light stripe. Zenaro’s DECOFLEX is available in five versions for ultra-flexible use in a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications and is ideal for innovative and creative lighting ideas in professional ambience lighting environments. All five versions – LED Linear RGB, LED300 Linear, LED600 Linear, LED600 HO Linear and LED Linear C T ww-cw (Color Temperature) – share features such... [more]

Zenaro Lighting: Zenaro launches High performance gimballed LED recessed ceiling spot DEIMOS

Zenaro Lighting presents the new DEIMOS, a powerful and stylish 2x25W LED recessed spot set with excellent lighting engineering features (CRI > 80) for office, shop and living areas. The gimballed suspension of the LED modules allows for any desired adjustment and accentuation. Zenaro’s new LED recessed spot includes two LED spotlights in warm or neutral white, two cardan pivotable mounting rings and an external power supply with plug-in connector. DEIMOS by Zenaro excels with compact dime... [more]

Zenaro Lighting: Highly efficient even in cool environments: T8 LED light tubes by Zenaro Lighting

Distinguished by a high luminous efficacy, Zenaro Lighting’s T8 LED tubes are ideally suited for modern office environments, shops and storage areas, as well as public institutions like schools, hospitals, libraries, and more.. Zenaro’s T8 LED tubes are available in 10W, 14W, 18W and 24W versions in warm to cool white light colors 3000K, 4000K and 5700K. They achieve luminous flux values of 1210 lm up to 3270 lm and a lumens per watt ratio that clearly outmatches conventional T8 LED tube solu... [more]

Zenaro Lighting: New ultra-flat LED Light Panel available from Zenaro Lighting - for integration into recessed module ceilings or use as powerful individual luminaire

Zenaro Lighting announces a new ultra-flat high quality LED light panel. Integrated into recessed module ceilings, Zenaro’s AXENIA provides an outstanding modern lighting solution for offices, rest areas, corridors and meeting rooms. The newly developed LED panel is characterized by an extremely flat mounting height of only 9.5 mm and a light weight of 4 kg. With dimensions of 595x595 or 620x620 mm, the luminaire is easy to install in standardized, commonly used grid ceilings. Zenaro’s AXE... [more]

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