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8 Solutions: Untreated contamination will accumulate on electronic circuit boards and cause temperatures in the electronics to rise

According to 8 Solutions' latest research paper, untreated contamination is costing the data centre industry millions of pounds each year. The study, which was conducted by IMH Technologies and independently verified by The University of Southampton's Research Institute, revealed that if left untreated, contamination will accumulate on electronic circuit boards and act as a thermal insulating layer. This layer of particulate matter will cause temperatures in the electronics to rise, triggeri... [more]

3M: OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs included in 3M micro projectors

3M is including OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LEDs in its new micro projectors, which can be connected to mobile phones and cameras. The small, bright, energy-saving diodes are the key to developing micro projectors, which could not be implemented with other light sources. They make screen sizes of more than a metre possible. Using 3M’s small new MPro120 PocketProjector, which is about the size of a mobile phone, you can conveniently look at photos or videos by projecting them on a wall. This is... [more]

2e2: Chloride UPS equipment provides backup power supply to Heathrow Airport communications network

BAA has chosen Chloride's equipment to provide a backup power supply to its new communications network at Heathrow Airport. Chloride’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment now ensures that electrical supplies to the network, which must remain operational at all times, are not disrupted by mains power failures. “There are over 6,500 BAA employees at Heathrow, serving more than 67 million passengers every year,” explained BAA Telecoms Programme IPT Deployment Project Manager, Andy Cla... [more]

3DX-RAY: DEX HRS x-ray vision and analysis tool delivers six sigma-level quality precision for Boston Power new production line

Consumer demand for longer-lasting batteries continues to rise. However, the industry's drive for higher performance and lower cost has come at the expense of quality and ultimately safety. Boston Power's brand new Sonata lithium-ion battery offers the longest battery warranty available for any notebook PC provider, and so its brand new production line not only had to employ the very latest technology, but its quality control system had to deliver unprecedented precision, detection and reliabil... [more]

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